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TIT CITY- "Gonna Devastate U" (Live @ Underground Lounge Rockland, Maine Oct 30th 2010)

Music video for a live version of the set opener "I'm Gonna Devastate You" by Tit City.

"Take My Breasts Away" by Mammory Towne & Berlin

Recorded in a hotel room in Zageb, Croatia.

Fuckmusket Video from 1996 @ The Camden Snow Bowl

features Rob Brown, Curran Reynolds, Justin Stephens, Nik Tatarsky, & Chas

DJ Chas Live @ Underground Lounge October 30th 2010

DJ Chas 10 30 10 @ Undaground Lounge by Chas4
Check out this recording of my DJ set from last years Halloween Party. It's a pretty tight mix with lots of surprises.

Chas & Unnamed Member Of Susan Tedeschi's Band Improv @ Gilberts Open Mic 11 27 07

Chas & Unnamed Member Of Susan Tedeschi's Band @ Gilberts Open Mic 11 27 07 by Chas4 ">  
The night at Gilberts Pub in Camden, Maine when Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, & John Fishman hung out during the Open Mic. Here's a little improvisation I did with one of the members from her band.You can hear Susan Tedeschi clapping & hooting on the recording. They had played at the Camden Opera House the night before, I believe. I am on vocals & the unnamed musician is playing bass. It's a good little moment that was fortunately captured.

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Tit City is a band from Maine USA and this is the beginning of our blog. Here you will find announcements of upcoming shows,photos,music downloads, etc.